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The average payroll provider promises your standard payroll computations, government reports, and pay slips. This is a given.


Bridge goes beyond the standard all the essentials of accurate and efficient payroll plus the flexibility of a payroll expert in a truly powerful, software AND a service experience.


Our combination of technology and payroll expertise is both  reliable and affordable. With industry-low rates, clients enjoy our services without the painful costs other providers offer.


Technology should free your business to do more, not hold you back financially.

Our Clients

Bridge eliminates costly payroll problems such as delays, errors, disputes, and data fraud. We also provide insights into staffing and productivity, to help clients operate better and save costs.

Why Bridge?

We have high standards, just like you.

Experienced Team

Fast and Reliable

Affordable Reliability

Within just 5 working days, we deliver both standard payroll requirements and custom reports built to fit your company’s unique needs

Our team is made up of experts not just in payroll, but in process improvement and human capital management as well - so you can fully maximize efficiency and cost benefits

Here’s the best part - our stress-free payroll solution is cost efficient and designed for your company’s growth

How it works

1 to 2-hour consultation session with a

Human Capital Management expert

Prior to on-boarding, we’ll identify opportunities in your process, policies, and setup in order to achieve the highest efficiency possible.

Payroll Orientation for Staff and New Hires

On your first month with us, we will conduct an hour-long payroll orientation for your staff. They will get a better understanding of the company’s rules and policies, which will lead to less payroll disputes.

Quarterly Payroll Analytics Report

Every quarter, we’ll send a report that will give you meaningful insight on your company’s productivity, efficiency, and staffing. You’ll be able to answer questions such as “How much is the average amount spent on overtime every quarter?” and other important queries that help you make better business choices.

Government Compliance Alerts

We’ll notify you every time there are changes with the government agencies’ premiums and schedules. That way, you don’t need to monitor or worry about sudden changes that affect you and your company.

Standard Payroll Requirements

in 5 Working Days

Through our effective process, we'll complete all your standard payroll requirements, custom reports and computations within a maximum of 5 working days.

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